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Spirocirca Lupi… The silent killer.

    Have you heard about the silent killer called Spirocerca Lupi?
    No? Well let us tell you about it….
    Your dog initially picks up the larvae of this worm by ingesting either the Intermediate host, a dung beetle, or a Paratenic host, which is an animal which has already eaten the beetle.
    The larvae migrate through the stomach to the aorta where they form nodules and develop into young adults. When they emerge, aneurisms can form which may burst, resulting in the death of the dog involved.
    From the aorta the worm now migrates to the oesophagus, forming more nodules. (It has been found that they also end up in other places of the body, causing other issues like the thickening of the bones). These nodules can cause difficulty in swallowing and perhaps breathing and can become cancerous. The adults emerge from these nodules, laying eggs into the oesophagus which are passed out in the faeces to be eaten by the dung beetle.
    Altogether we think this worm is a particularly scary parasite, and we think you would agree!
    Luckily there is way to prevent Spirocerca Lupi and prevention in this case is very much better that the cure!
    You can use the Milbemax de-worming tablets on a 28 day schedule. Also other products that can used would include the Advocate range and the Program Plus range. Pop into Muddy Dog and protect your pooch from this killer today!

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