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International Rabbit Day – 23rd September

    The 23rd September is International Rabbit Day. So how about some interesting rabbit facts?
    1)They have rabbit showjumping! This new sport started in Sweden in the 1970s, with the highest jump record being 100cm high and the longest record being 3 metres.  I mean, how cool is that?
    2)Rabbits teeth and nails don’t stop growing so they need wooden toys to keep their chompers at bay.
    3) Our bunnies are “crepuscular” (just had to use the big word!), which means that they are more active at dusk and dawn.
    4) Rabbits eat poop! In fact, they need to digest some food twice, so they eat nutrient packed “cecotropes” that look like soft poop. The hard round pellets you see are actually from the second round of digestion.
    Bunnies – Don’t we just love them?

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