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Have you heard about Snuppy?

    Did you know……
    While other animals had already been cloned, the first cat that was cloned was called CC and was born in December 2001. This was the first ‘pet’ to cloned. However, it wasn’t until April 24, 2005 that the first cloned dog was born. Snuppy was created using tissue from an Afhgan Hound and was the only surviving puppy from 2 that were born to their Labrador surrogate mum. The second puppy died of pneumonia at 3 weeks old.
    Snuppy became involved in a breeding program between cloned canines which resulted in 9 surviving puppies in 2008.
    In 2009 South Korea used the worlds first cloned sniffer dogs to check for drugs at its’ airport and border crossings.
    But before you get excited about the possibility of resurrecting an old friend, remember that clones are only genetically identical to their donor. So your new ‘old friend’ could be a different colour, with a new personality and you will have to re-teach all of those old tricks. Cloning your pet would also be pretty expensive, with rumoured costs at $100 000.00
    We think it is much better to get your pets the old fashioned way!

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