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Ear mites…..Yuk!

    Did you know…..
    Although there are several different types of ear mite, the most common one is called Otodectes cynotis. This eight legged parasite feeds on the wax and oils in your pets ear canal. With a life cycle of 3 weeks and being so small, you can hardly see him. This mite will cause inflammation and irritation to the ear or could even lead to more serious skin or ear infections if left untreated. Symptoms of ear mite infestation can include:
    1) Excessive shaking and rubbing of ears (this sometimes can result in blood vessels rupturing and causing an aural hematoma which will need surgery to correct), 2) Head shaking, 3) Strong odour from the ear, 4) Inflammation, 5) Black/ brown secretion, 6) Obstruction of the ear canal with a coffee ground-like discharge. If you think that your pet has ear mites, it is best to get your vet to confirm the diagnosis before treatment as there are other bacterial infections that can look similar to ear mites.
    Once you have a confirmed diagnosis, you will need to start treatment. Over the counter pesticides, such as Frontline and Advocate are definitely effective ways of treatment, however there are a few natural ways that you can treat mites. These include vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, Mineral oil and even honey. Why not ask our knowledgeable staff in store for full remedies:-)

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